I have had many massages from a range of healers, but Ilana is the first to combine a confident and exquisite touch that is healing and energizing at once. Ilana is always extremely thoughtful with her intake, carefully listening to my physical and emotional state. She combines this information with an uncanny intuition that truly leaves my body feeling reset and revived. This masseuse is made of magic.
— Emma Frisch, Co-Founder & Culinary Director at Firelight Camps (firelightcamps.com) and Top Finalist Food Network Star (emmafrisch.com)

Integrative Therapeutic Massage 

Integrative massage combines the techniques of multiple modalities to fit the needs of the individual in that moment.  Sessions can be tailored for specific areas of tension or injury while connection with the breath and the heart allow the body to ask for what it needs and intuitively guide the work.

It is Ilana's joy to intentionally integrate the deeper work of Connective Tissue and Neuromuscular therapy with Swedish,  Thai massage, and Energy work to create a fluid and holistic experience on the table.  She believes in massage as a way to remind us of our innate ability to connect inwardly, listen, and heal, as well as how deserving we are of health, vitality, and happiness.

Prenatal Massage

 These massages are tailored to the unique experience and needs of a woman's changing body during pregnancy,  utilizing positions and techniques to offer physical and emotional support and relief. On top of the usual benefits of healing touch, receiving massage during pregnancy can help with fatigue, aches and pains associated with the readjustment of the spine and pelvis, including low back pain, as well as head aches and swelling.  Ilana feels it is a true privilege to hold supportive loving space for women during this time.


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