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Yoga Anatomy Series Part 3: Neck & Shoulders

  • Migty Yoga 106 West State Street 2nd Floor Ithaca, NY, 14850 United States (map)

Looking to deepen your understanding of how your amazing body works?

This 3-part series will illuminate the key muscles, joints and energetic centers that move us through our yoga practice and our lives. We will explore ways to awaken and support these areas, in order to empower, heal and protect ourselves from pain and injury.

In the third part of this series we continue to rise up the body and delve into the shoulders, arms and neck.  Exploring some of the most mobile and often vulnerable joints of the body, we will unmask how they function and their connection to compassion and creative expression. Learn to use your yoga practice as a place to counter daily stresses to the upper back, neck and shoulders and create the integrity and flexibility to lovingly express yourself in the world.

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