I have taken classes with Ilana for a number of years as well as enjoyed the benefit of several massage therapy sessions. Ilana is a deeply sentient yogi.
It is clear that she has a joyful and scholarly approach to her own practice and a dedication to personal growth as a yogi. Ilana has a gift for sharing what she learns personally in order to facilitate her students’ ability to effectively connect to their own inner teacher via non judgmental self observation.
She brings an ebullient demeanor and nurturing attitude to her teaching to provide an environment to experience and simply enjoy the gift of insight that each moment, each breath can bring us as we practice.
Ilana is pure awesome.
— Ian Welsh

 Vinyasa Yoga
            This class explores both the invigorating and surrendering aspects of yoga into an eclectic and powerful flow. Coordinating breath with movement to build strength, open and release tight areas, and develop sensitivity your body's unique needs, so you can face the day from a place of balance, presence and empowerment.
Variations are offered to meet all levels. Vinyasa classes at Mighty Yoga Ithaca are heated.

Flow & Restore/ The Unwind: Gentle & Restorative Yoga
            Focusing on the more relaxing side of yoga, this class utilizes simple stretchy flows, breath & body awareness, massage-like assists and restorative postures to help you unwind body, mind & soul. Be guided on a relaxing journey or just come to lie down and let go in a warm peaceful space. The perfect way to start your week, this hour long class will leave you feeling nurtured and renewed. 

Kripalu Flow
             Influenced by the Kripalu classes that  inspired Ilana to become a teacher, this class is an invitation to slow down and dive deep. This practice invites deep internal exploration utilizing more work with props, the wall , partner work, and the rhythmic flow of your breath.  You are invited to use the practice as a way of becoming more present and sensitive to your body’s individual messages and needs. It encourages you to meet yourself exactly where you are and to customize the experience so that it feels good for you in that very moment. Feel free to come with questions and be ready to play!

*All classes are modified to those students present and requests are welcomed.

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