Weekly Class Schedule        

Sunday            4:15-5:30pm     All Level Vinyasa Yoga                                                                                              Mighty Yoga      Sign Up

Sunday            6:00-7:00pm     Flow & Restore                                                                                                            Mighty Yoga      Sign Up   

Tuesday         9:00-10:15am     All Level Vinyasa Yoga                                                                                              Mighty Yoga      Sign Up

Tuesday           6:00-7:15pm     All Level Vinyasa Yoga                                                                                              Mighty Yoga      Sign Up        

Wednesday  10:45-11:45am   Kripalu Flow
Mighty Yoga   Sign Up               

Saturday 1:00-3:00pm *The Art of Relaxation:
Yoga & Healing Touch
Fine Spirit Studio Sign Up

*1/Month Restorative class with Massage: More Info
September 29th October 20th
November 17th December 15th

Mighty Yoga Ithaca
106 W. State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

I have such gratitude for Ilana. Her dedication to, and natural talent in teaching and healing touch has been of great benefit to my body and inspiration to my soul. Ilana’s eclectic arrangement of poses reflects her commitment to staying awake and encourages students to notice more and react less. She infuses the practice with humor and perspective making yoga feel less like exercise and more like an experience. Her insights feel real to me, and my life- wisdom and inquiries that stick long after I’ve rolled up my mat. Ilana also has a way of transforming an asana to meet the needs of any body creating a comfortable and safe environment for healing and community to flourish. Treat yourself to yoga and massage- Ilana will help you to remember, you are worth it!
— Lauren Katz, Kripalu Yoga Teacher

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