Yoga with Alignment and Movement

Mon: 5:45-7:15p

This  class slows things down and takes us back to the basics... Appropriate for all levels, from the first time student to the more advanced student, who wants to incorporate a more focused and gentle exploration into their practice. 

Class Focus: Options, alignment focus

Sunrise Yoga Center

Yoga - All Levels

Wed: 8:30-9:45am

 This morning time class explores both the invigorating and surrendering aspects of yoga into an eclectic flow to welcome the day. Coordinating breath with movement to build strength and open and release tight areas, so you can face the day from a place of balance, presence and empowerment.

The Nest - Collegetown

Lunch Time Stretch Break

Wed: 12:15-1pm

This 45 minute lunchtime class focuses on stretching and relaxation, providing an opportunity to release any built up tension from the week and recharge your whole being.   We will explore range of motion, juicy stretching and restorative, prop supported postures to help us decompress and refocus. From complete beginners to those with a more advanced practice, this class is suitable and open to anyone with a body.

Rasa Spa 

Kripalu Yoga

Thurs: 3:45-5pm

Noyes Community Recreation Center - Cornell Campus

Intermediate Kripalu Yoga

Thurs: 5:45-7:15pm

 Building on a foundation of physical and energetic alignment, breath awareness and core stability, this class offers a creative flow of postures where students can experience a wider range of shapes and explore their edges. Strategically building towards peak poses and utilizing Kripalu principles of self love we create a safe space to explore inversions, arm balances, deeper stretches, longer holds and meditation in motion. Practicing internal listening and dynamic presence students are encouraged to explore and move in the way they feel called to.

Sunrise Yoga Center